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GiggleParents Show!

Are you a mom /dad/ step parent/ grandpa/ grandma/ aunt/ uncle/ cousin/ sister/ brother/ of a Gigglepants member? But you've never seen a show because you live far away/ have a thriving social life/ secretly hate them for being funnier than you/ didn't know that Gigglepants existed? WELL NOWS YOUR CHANCE TO SEE THEM! 

IT'S GRADUATION WEEKEND, FOLKS! Which means you'll be in town! What better way to celebrate your little one's graduation than to watch them crack jokes for two hours?!?! You'll laugh till you cry and then you'll cry about how quickly they're growing up! It'll be perfect! 

Bring your whole family! Bring all your friends! It'll be a family affair that you just can't miss! So don't! 

Don't know anyone in Gigglepants? Come anyway! You can sit with the moms! 

Earlier Event: May 6
Very Special Seniors Show
Later Event: September 2